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About Our Sensual Massage Services

First and foremost, we are not an Asian spa. If you know, you know. So,

we politely ask you to refrain from soliciting sexual favors from any of us. Any kind of talk or suggestive language will not be tolerated. Prostitution is illegal in Texas. Thank you.

ANYWAY! That said - there is still nothing wrong with ordering an attractive man or woman to your place to provide you with a knot-reducing and muscle relaxing massage while making you feel more pampered with a dash of exotic and tenderness. Both Xperience and KK specialize in such massages and don't mind spending a little more time on that booty rub. Just tell them the level of pressure to apply. I won't spend a lot of time trying to describe how good they are. All I can say is I vouch for why this single service or queen-of-the-night party add-on is worth the experience! For questions or to place your booking, please call 832-387-4770. Stefanie

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